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Workers’ compensation procedures are very complex and sometimes result in disputes between employees and employers. The lawyer in labor law will advise you and defend you in case of conflict related to an accident at work. Its role is in some cases decisive.

Accident at work: which lawyer to consult?
The Social Security Code defines an accident at work as follows: “An accident at work, whatever the cause, is the accident that occurred on the occasion of or on the occasion of the work of any employee or working for any reason whatsoever for one or more employers or managers “.

To find out more about the definition of workplace accidents and the difference between work-related accidents and commuting accidents, read the “5-point work injury” and “trip accident” fact sheets.

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Workplace accidents often cause conflicts between employees and employers. The conditions for an accident to be qualified as an accident at work are very strict and employer and employee sometimes disagree on this subject.

In case of dispute, you must consult a lawyer competent in labor law.

Workplace accident: why go to a labor lawyer?
The lawyer in labor law will help you in case of problems. The procedures related to workplace accidents are very complex. To the point that some people do not even know their rights. In addition, it is easy to get lost in the middle of paperwork.

The lawyer can accompany you and advise you in order to best represent your interests.

In the event of an employee / employer dispute, the lawyer will first attempt to reconcile the two parties. If the conflict escalates or can not be resolved amicably, a procedure before the Prud’hommes will be initiated. Your labor lawyer will assist you and defend your case before the Industrial Judge.

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