Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer – Top 5 Questions that He Can Ask You

Suffering injuries due to accidents while on duty can be a serious affair. However, what can be
more serious is to get compensation for your work injuries associated to the same. If you want to
file a claim and get compensated, you would need to consult a good work injury lawyer. Your
lawyer, in order to determine the weight of your claim and the amount of compensation that you
are eligible for, is likely to ask the following 5 questions to you.

What type of injuries have you suffered?
Over time, injuries get healed. You might have already recovered a lot by the time you approach
a work injury attorney. Due to this reason, it is essential for you to take some photos of your
physical injuries right after you suffer the accident. He will ask whether you have invisible or
visible injuries, and whether those can be proven through medical reports.

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What type of pain did you suffer?
After a workplace accident, most people are too shocked to remember what exactly happened
afterwards. However, it is essential for you to be able to properly describe the pain that you
sensed after the accident occurred. You will also have to inform about the type of physical pain
that you experienced at the time of healing. The period of recovery involves pain as well. You
might have to consult with your doctor in case you are unable to describe your injuries and pain
in a proper way – such as by using terms such as shooting, throbbing, burning, aching, cramping,
stabbing etc. You also need to describe the intensity and frequency of experiencing the painful
sensations to your work injury lawyer, and support it with medical reports.

How did the accident emotionally affect you?
You will have to describe to your lawyer whether you felt anger, fear, anxiety, frustration,
humiliation or any other extreme emotion.

Which activities you were unable to do after the accident?
You have to offer details on whether you were unable to swim, cook, play sports or perform any
other important physical activity after the accident. This can also involve any hobbies that you
cannot pursue now.

Have the injuries compelled you to alter your long term plans?
At times, injuries after accidents can force many people to alter their career plans due to an
inability to perform some of the tasks related to the job. A work injury lawyer can help
calculate your long term losses for the injuries and let you get the necessary compensation.

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