What Are the Indoor Accidents that a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney can help you with?

If you trip or slip and fall in a part of the premises of a possessor or property owner, you can take
the necessary steps to hold the owner legally responsible for the accident that you have suffered
in order to get compensation for your injuries. Find out about some of the common indoor slip
and fall accidents that a slip and fall injury attorney can help you with.

An attorney can help you in filing a compensation claim if he finds that the slip and fall accident
occurred due to:
 Uneven application of polish or wax
 Uneven application of polish or wax
 Implementing a floor treatment to an inclining or sloping area of the floor
 Failure to offer signs and other warnings enough to indicate that the floor is still damp or
wet or is still being cleaned
 Failure to offer sufficient barriers to cordon off a still damp or wet floor area
 Not using "non-skid" ingredients in a floor treatment material

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Often, stairs are constructed of materials that can wear down when used over the years. The
edges of stairs can get rounded and make people slip after stepping on them. A property
possessor or owner can be held liable for slip and fall accidents happening on such stairs despite
their knowledge of the dangers involving the same, such as:
 Steps being rounded and worn
 Presence of gum, dirt, paper pieces, trashes, debris etc on the stairs
 Not polishing or waxing of the stairs with a non-skid material
 Missing or broken handrail

If your slip and fall injury attorney can prove that the owner knew about the risks for a long
time, he can be held legally liable to pay for compensation to the injured victims.

Elevators and Escalators
These are common systems to help people move from floor to floor. If you slipped and feel while
walking into or out of the elevators or escalators in an unexpected way, it could be due to:
 Jerks or snags in the lift’s system
 Sudden movements of the lift during operation
 Objects such as bits of clothing, small tapes, boxes etc lying inside which can get caught
in the feet

Property owners have the legal responsibility to maintain their elevators and escalators, in order
to have them safely operate. A slip and fall injury attorney can help you get compensation in
such cases.

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