What are the Top Questions to Ask to a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

Slip and fall accidents are very common, but these are often dismissed as negligence of victims – especially when it comes to filing a claim for compensation from insurance agencies. That is why, efficient slip and fall injury attorney is needed to help victims get financial compensations etc that can take care of all the requirements during recovery and beyond. Find out about some of the top questions to ask while hiring any such attorney.

Can I file a lawsuit?
Slip and fall accidents can often lead to serious issues – such as broken bones, debility for a long time and even disability that can last for the rest of life for victims. It is not uncommon for victims to become invalids after such mishaps. Victims are often curious to know whether they are injured enough to file a lawsuit. If you are only injured for a day or two, and did not even have to go to a doctor, your attorney will not be ready to fight your case.

Can I prove negligence of my employer?
If your accident occurred in your workplace due to slippery floor, unclean premises or any other fault that the employer could be charged with, you have to discuss this with the attorney. He will make a careful evaluation of your case and say whether your case against the employer has enough merit. He can advise you on whether the employer could have done something to prevent your accident.

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Are there any complexities in my case?
Some issues could crop up while the trial is going on, and this could have a negative impact on the outcome for you. A competent and experienced slip and fall injury attorney can properly analyze your situation and guide you about any problems that might arise in the future due to your lawsuit.

Will my case be long-drawn?
There are litigation fees to be paid, and your attorney can inform you about the possible time that your case will take for a resolution. In most cases, there are many negotiations involved between the defendant and the plaintiff – and the entire case could take many months or even 1 – 2 years.

What is your track record with such cases?
With a slip and fall injury attorney who has been mostly successful with past cases of this type, you can be better assured about the outcome in your case. You can be more hopeful about the settlements for your accidental damages or injuries.

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