When Is It Important to Hire a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney?

Slip and fall cases are often dismissed as small accidents, but can injure you enough to make you
unable to live or work normally. In worse cases, you can lose your job or source of income due
to being unfit for a long time, and the financial worries can be a bigger concern for you. You
need a qualified lawyer to avoid such issues. Find out why it is important to hire a slip and fall
injury attorney.

For proving liability
You need to prove liability if you want to go to trial or wish to go to a position to ask for
settlement. In case you are not able to do that, the defendant will walk away scot-free and will
assume no role in compensating you for the injuries that you have suffered for his negligence.
Although proving liability is easier in case of an auto accident, it is tougher to do that in case of a
slip and fall injury. A slip and fall injury attorney can confirm that your injuries took place,
how these occurred and how the defendant was responsible legally for your slip and fall.

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The professional can examine the scene, and discuss with you all the probable causes for your
accident as well as review all the applicable local, federal and state laws to evaluate whether the
premises was in a condition that jeopardized your safety and led to the fall. He can also arrange
an expert witness to prove the negligence of the defendant.

For proving damages
You cannot simply turn up at a court of law and point to your plastered leg to demand
compensation for loss of income for two months due to the injury. Your attorney will document
the income that you have lost after your injury, with the help of medical bills and records, your
tax returns, your tax forms and pay records. In case your medical records are not indicative that
your injuries have directly been caused by the accident that you have suffered, he will write to
the doctor who examined and treated you, and get a report from him that specifically shows a
causal relationship between your injuries and the accident.

A slip and fall injury attorney will review your injuries with care, and present them in a proper
way to the insurance agency that covers you. It is important, as you can get compensation from
both the defendant and the insurer.

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